FreePP’s Service of Internet Telecommunication

FreePP telephony via Internet
FreePP offers free-download software online at, so that you can download FreePP into your computer or PDA. With this software, you can make phone calls by your computer or PDA via Internet. Please also ask your friends to download FreePP, so that you can make calls to each other for FREE!

Also FreePP without computer
Based on the Softphone, FreePP also developed complete solutions of “No PC needed” hardphone to cater to various requirements of individuals, families, and enterprises. With this comprehensive FreePP telephony network, communication can be much easier.

Added value service
[FreePP OUT]
Not only can you call anyone on FreePP anywhere in the world for free, FreePP also provides the service for users to make calls to regular landlines and mobiles worldwide with very low rates. You can save a lot of money and enjoy remarkable voice quality at the same time.

[FreePP conference call]
After download FreePP, you can set up a conference call by your computer. You can invite your friends on FreePP and also your friends who use mobiles or landlines to join this conference call.

[FreePP Enterprises meeting room]
FreePP offers a paid service for companies in need of online meeting. Stable and remarkable voice quality with very low calling rates is guaranteed to make your meeting more efficiently.

[Call hunting and call transfer function]
FreePP BOX has call hunting and call transfer function to prevent from missing any important calls for you.

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